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Optional Items for Events

The following items are typically available for use with events held at the house.  These items are not for use offsite.  We cannot guarantee these items will be available as use can some times lead to breakage, loss, etc.  However, we do try to maintain what is on hand and replace when needed.


  • Big long yellow extension cord in closet on upstairs balcony. 

  • Electrical plug in closet on upstairs balcony for outdoor lighting. 

  • 5 tables in closet measuring 2 and 1/2 feet by 6 ft. 

  • 24 folding chairs 

  • 40 extra all white plates, drinking glasses and silverware 

  • 40 clear champagne flutes 

  • Wooden dining table and 8 upholstered dining chairs 

  • Measurements of ocean front patio. 26ft by 39ft 

  • Height of balcony to patio 9ft.Information you might need for your decorating plans

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