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Bissell Crosswave Cleaning & Care

The following is info on how to clean and care for the Bissell Crosswave multi surface floor cleaner we have at the Seadance.

The following video gives quick cleaning instructions and targets most of the cleaning needs of this machine. Please watch it and then refer back to this page.     Bissell How to Clean the Crosswave Video


This video covers cleaning:

  • The brush roller

  • Dirty water reservoir

  • The filter

  • Letting all parts dry before assembly - this will keep the machine from smelling mildewy. I recommend leaving the unit disassembled and the next person can assemble it, knowing it was cleaned.


In addition to cleaning the above items:

  • I have found that cleaning the bottom of the machine helps to avoid smearing dirt on the floor while cleaning. 

  • Leave cleaning solution bottle off machine as it can leak into machine and cause mildew smell.

  • The video also recommends running water into the tray and turning the machine on to clean out the roller area and the tube that runs up into the dirty water reservoir.  Another option is to pour some clean water on the floor and suck it up with the Bissell to clean those areas.  You'll still want to clean the brush however.

  • When pulling the clear cover off of the roller area, pull the cover towards the front of the machine and tilt towards floor.   There are two tabs on each side that can break and cause a hole in the cover which then decreases the suctioning ability of the unit.  

  • When replacing the cover, line up those two tabs to their respective holes on the machine and then pivot the top back over the roller area and snap back into place.

  • Replace the filter and brush when those won't clean up any longer. The filter will most likely n need replaced before the roller.

  • Please dump all the dirty water and debris outside or down the toilet - not down the sink.


There are extra brush rollers and filters in the closet in the white rack.  Please replace those components when cleaning  the roller and/or filter is useless.  


There are also replacement filters for the vacuum in the closet too - please replace those when cleaning the vacuum filters is useless.

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